Thursday, March 27, 2014

The one where the mom cries

...because her spit fire third child [of four] turned five years old.

I look at this photo and I see five years of learning, five years of hands more than full, five years of tears and laughter and joy. Five years learning more and more about his personality. 

Five years I am so thankful for. Five years wondering how green or grey his eyes are in that moment. 

Five years of those bigs eyes melting my heart every time I gaze into them. 

Five years praying for him. Five & more years being blessed by his presence. 

Thank you for this gift God. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

The one where she's still counting [backwards]...

Joy is God's life!  - AV

~"oh my soul" sung by the 4 yr old
~ his love of hex bugs
~ husband turning the worship music louder [so rare!]

~ sun rising earlier
~ sun setting later
~ crisp air
~ rides to school
~ a ride to preschool
~ companion to/from work
~ laughing out loud
~ hot coffee in the morning

~ taking time for [this]
~ feeling Him near

eucharisteo is HERE. i want to see it EVERYWHERE.

~ warmth from heating pad on the back
~ I am HIS
~ His word
~ good days
~ flip flops and taking tops in superstore
~ boy3 camp out on our bedroom floor
~ husband suggesting we only need a 2 bedroom house bc of [previous ^^^]

and more here.

If you know me in real life, you know my life has transitioned to a new phase. It's been a different road, it's been a hard and exhausting road, but it's God who is going to lift me up and over those bumps & ruts & potholes in the road...

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Catching up...






494 - a sweet earring morning kiss
495 - opening the book
496 - worship music in the earbuds
497 - stillness of the early morning 
498 - the words that flow so easy onto paper
499 - heat blowing through the vents to cut into the cool air
500 - all this

500. Wow I wasn't sure when I would make it this far. I've far surpassed it as there is before Dec 27th in my journal but that will be for another day. 

Be well my friends. Eucharisteo everyday. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The one where she takes more pictures.

The one glance to acknowledge the papparatzi. Three games this weekend just for this boy! 

This restaurant has become a fave... & they don't have washrooms, they have outhouses. I even had a paleo compliant meal! Not Whole30 though as my dressing likely had sugar in it. 

The sunset on Saturday night was gorgeous! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

It is Christmas

Played games...

Went tobagging...

Facetimed my new beautiful niece... (1 day old here!!)

Took funny family photos in front of the tree...

Maybe a normal one too...

This season really stresses me out [the pressures & demands & expectations are truly insane & a lot falls on my shoulders] so it was awesome to have these moments to cherish...

Getting home at 4am after 15+ hours on the road, then 3 hours sleep doesn't help much either but so worth it all!!

Merry Christmas friends!!

Friday, December 13, 2013


~late night shopping excursions
~creative ways of getting to the top shelf
~four hockey loving boys
~blessings in the form of a meal & washed dishes
~overflowing closet of gems that will bring many smiles and many hours of fun
~the above not including screen items (no wii games, DVDs, tech toys)
~insulated home where I can turn up the heat a few degrees to be comfy
~a morning to refuel and refresh and recharge after a busy week
~His Grace & forgiveness

~Christmas cards and photos in the mail
~two littles playing together like best friends
~light peeking through
~balance tower building pro [boy3]
~great radio station to listen to
~fresh & new glasses that fit well
~countdown to being an auntie for the first time on my side of the family!
~rustic gems
~learning to be patient

[459-478 & more 1000gifts here]


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